Foreign Investor Support | Greenfields

We make our efforts to attract and support foreign investors in Belarus following the principle of personalized approach tailored to each Client with comprehensive support in all aspects.

Our company offers foreign investors a full range of advisory services ranging from market research, identification of investment opportunities, feasibility studies, pre-investment project appraisal / investment opportunity (due diligence) to financial modeling and advisory throughout the execution of any project and transaction.

For national companies UNITER provides a unique set of measures to attract investments and implement the project, as well as to develop effective Investor search strategy.

Advantages for our clients:
  • Understanding the specifics of Belarusian market and possessing a developed network of personal contacts.
  • International standards in preparation of documents.
  • Proven search strategy and dialogue with potential investors.

Our foreign investor support comprises the following:

  1. Industry and niche analysis and research.
  2. Feasibility studies.
  3. Exploring and selecting optimal investment opportunities.
  4. Comprehensive analysis of available investment opportunities and associated risks, mitigation measures.
  5. Developing strategies for entering the market.
  6. Investment execution support in Belarus during all stages.
  7. Strategic and management consulting.