Research and Analysis

The department of research and analysis conducts market research of industries and companies both in Belarus and abroad.

One of the directions of our work is preparation of feasibility studies and expediency consideration of implementing investment projects in accordance with international requirements and standards. Feasibility studies are required by equity funds, international banks and financial institutions to make a decision on the allocation of funds.

If necessary, we conduct a comprehensive audit of investment projects (due diligence) at the request of financing organization or investor. It includes estimation of assumptions validity, adopted technological solutions, accuracy of assessment and cost-effectiveness of investment projects. For these purposes we involve specialized international engineering companies. Due Diligence allows us us to minimize the risks of investing in a company, as well as obtaining an independent opinion on the risks and financial performance of the project, developing recommendations on optimization, projecting financing structure.

Analysts of UNITER Investment company have prepared more than 300 research studies, feasibility studies, complex audits of investment projects in various sectors of Belarusian economy over the past 10 years. As a result, the accumulated unique experience allows quickly react when making investment decisions and selecting upcoming (most attractive?) sectors.

Advantages for our clients:
  • 40 industry overviews with quarterly updates (more than 1000 pages of analysis, statistics and trends).
  • Broad experience in analysis of industries and businesses both in Belarus and abroad. As a result, understanding of global markets and trends
  • In-house developed databases and access to international intelligence, as well as continuous monitoring of industries and markets in Belarus.
  • More than 1,000 standardized company profiles of corporate sector in Belarus, including corporate, technical, industrial?, financial information about Belarusian companies.
  • Time and human resources saving with a constant delivery of relevant business analysis.
  • Structured and methodologically elaborated macroeconomic forecasts and trends to make strategic decisions in the short and medium term (product is developed jointly with independent economic bureau in Belarus "IPM Research Center").