Project and Asset Management

The demand for asset management has been growing alongside with wealth accumulation and overall economy development in Belarus

UNITER Investment company is one of the first in Belarus to start working with large holders of assets, advising them on asset management.

Total assets under management of our company now exceed USD 50 mln. $

The main instruments of the market are cash instruments, securities (bonds) and real estate.

The return on investment achieved using our investment tools is substantially higher in Belarus than in some of the neighboring countries and developed markets. From our perspective, the high level of yield favorably covers country risks, which are primarily determined by the asymmetry of information possessed by local professional players and foreign investors.

We are projecting a significant growth of this business segment in the midterm (over 2015-2018 years) and are encouraging the development of the segment, for instance, by means of collaborating with international financial institutions.