Manufacturing industry

As an important segment of the economy of the country, the manufacturing industry has faced a number of limitations and problems throughout its development, such as competition growth, search of new markets, financing attraction for implementation of investment projects, decision-making on tactical and strategic issues of further development. There are difficulties with solving of such problems due to lack of specialists, experience and required methods and approaches in a particular enterprise.

As a result of increasing competition from foreign companies with low expenses and powerful resource base, Belarusian companies require financing to restructure and optimize manufacturing operations.

Given the specifics of each enterprise and the markets they operate in, as well as considering the experience of UNITER Investment company, we are able to provide professional consulting services in the manufacturing industry.

Industry and market outlooks

Below you can find a summary of each specific industry or market outlooks (click on the picture). More detailed overviews of industries and markets (some of them are in English, most of them are in Russian language) can be found on our website in the "Downloads" section after going through a simple registration, after this procedure, you can dowload available reviews and materials.

Alcoholic beverage production
Confectionery industry
Mechanical engineering industry
furniture production
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Footwear industry
Manufacture of wearing apparel
Brewing industry
Sugar production industry
Construction material industry
Pharmaceutical industry.png
Pharmaceutical industry in Belarus.png
Chemistry ans Petrochemistry
Cement production

These industry outlooks were prepared for informational purpose only and does not constitute an offer or solicitation of a strategic transaction. Points of view, forecasts and evaluations presented in these outlooks reflect our opinion as of the publication date and may be changed without notice. Although the information contained herein has been obtained from sources we believe to be reliable and although we ensured their accuracy as of the publication date, we cannot guarantee, expressly or impliedly, practicality of these outlooks regarding future events or current or future value evaluation. Any investment decision based on these outlooks should be made only at the discretion of the investor and UNITER or its employees or any third party shall not be responsible in any form and in no circumstances for any action of any party taken on the basis of these outlooks. Nor UNITER, nor any of its employees, nor any third party shall be responsible for losses that result from such actions.